Terms and Conditions

  All orders for supplies, tools, materials, equipment or merchandise hereinafter "Products", whatever way, shape or location, means the part of the purchaser, its adherence to the terms and conditions of electronic commerce listed below: 
1) Application. 
        These general conditions apply to all orders transmitted to MASSILIA DENTAL, 22 Avenue des Combattants de L'AFN 13700 Marignane RCS: 502 262 306 00 017 through the website called: www.massilia-sante.fr. The validity of these commands is not final until accepted by the MASSILIA DENTAL or orders concerned information sent by email. 
2) Re. 
            These general conditions apply to sales of equipment (the "Equipment") and consumable products ("Products"). 
MASSILIA DENTAL reserves the right to amend its offer of materials, products or furniture, at any time and without notice. DENTAL MASSILIA can not be held responsible for any shortages. MASSILIA DENTAL reserves the right to change at any time and without notice, any errors on its marketing material or on the website called: massiliadental.fr mainly on prices or quantities. The website photos are contractual except a possible difference in the colors of the products, materials or furniture. 
3) Controls. 
MASSILIA DENTAL reserves the right to refuse any order without recourse. 
Any change orders should be subject to prior written agreement MASSILIA DENTAL and may lead to a change in prices and implementing rules. If canceled orders, unjustified or after shipping, MASSILIA DENTAL may retain as damages, an amount of 10% of the deposit plus shipping if the order has already been shipped. Orders subject to funding are final upon acceptance by the lender. All orders not listed are Internet customers will be executed after immediate payment on the site or the agreement of MASSILIA DENTAL. The buyer will be constantly informed of the status of their order. 
Delivery times are given for guidance. If out of an item, the buyer will have the option to cancel the order all within 8 working days or annul Article referred or accept a partial delivery or wait until the order is complete for shipment. In all cases an agreement by email intervene in every stage of the sales process. Any delays may give rise to compensation. In case of electronic payment during the passage of the order by the purchaser, as the choices made by both parties concerning delays or termination of one or more articles, the corresponding amount in dispute will be fully refunded to the buyer within 30 days. 
4) Execution of Orders: 
                    When selling equipment, products or furniture through the website, the customer provides his sole responsibility and following the instructions provided by the manufacturer or MASSILIA DENTAL commissioning and installation of equipment or furniture delivered unless approved particular and timely billing of the technical installation by MASSILIA DENTAL .. the only responsibility of the buyer will be liable in the event of a faulty installation occurring after non-compliance on the installation mode (non-compliance voltage, pressure water or air, etc ...) The Customer is required to perform professionally all connections under its own responsibility. Upon delivery, the Customer must sign the delivery / receipt of materials, products or furniture and mention any letters on this delivery all the remarks on possible defects on the face such as damaged packaging, noise suspect non-compliance of the product ordered, etc ..., or lose any claim against the guarantee of the carrier, it is not recommended to simply mark "subject to unpacking" but the constatés.Les defects Shipping time is only given as an indication, any compensation or reimbursement will be applied in the case of late delivery of an order. 
                  The order is considered accepted by the buyer after a click on the button: ACCEPT 
                    Personal data provided on the site will be for the exclusive use of MASSILIA DENTAL and never will be any file transfer to external companies MASSILIA DENTAL or its affiliates 
5) Transfer of risk. 
  In all cases, the risks that Materials, Products, furniture and packaging can run pass to Customer upon release of filing MASSILIA DENTAL The Customer is only to safeguard its rights with respect to the carrier on delivery by a statement on the right after unpacking or opening the package, the reference package damaged or opened in the presence of the driver is depicted on the right and the nature of the dispute, the words "subject to unpacking" is not valid. 
6) Price 
                    Prices are subject to revision unless otherwise agreed, the Materials, Products and furniture are charged based on the rates in effect at the date of delivery or completion of the order. The prices listed on the site at the time of the order are firm and final, they are in EURO included under the French tax system taxes. MASSILIA DENTAL reserves the right to change pricing at any time without notice. Beyond the weight indicated, freight rates are calculated and billed automatically based on the weight of the basket, a special package for transportation will be shown to the customer and added to the gross amount payable. VAT rate 20% 
               For outside the European Union states, a special application fees and shipping costs will be considered depending on the country concerned to Corsica, overseas territories and abroad, transport costs and transit are the responsibility of the Customer according to specifications. Postage products more than 5 kg, equipment and furniture will be special pricing. No orders will be shipped without informing the buyer by email and without a written agreement electronically identified from him 
7) Payment 
               Unless otherwise agreed, the price of materials, products and furniture is payable upon completion of the order. Payment means of effective implementation, available to MASSILIA DENTAL, of all sums payable by the Client. Any payment terms must be agreed in advance and in writing by MASSILIA DENTAL. Different gifts acquired by the following current offers client will be available after full payment of all bills owed ​​by the customer. If out of the prizes offered a similar gift in quality and price will be provided to customers. These lots may in no case be subject to financial compensation or exchange or refund. DENTAL MASSILIA will not be liable for any failure of equipment offered, the manufacturer's warranty will only delivery based or replacement of the product. In the case of return or refund of an order including a gift, it will also be returned, the buyer may acquire through market prices. 
              In the case of deferred payment agreement after MASSILIA DENTAL, any late payment penalties will result calculated from the due date until the date of full payment at a rate equal to two times the legal interest rate. These penalties will be payable by the Customer upon receipt of the application that will be made by MASSILIA DENTAL by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. In addition, MASSILIA DENTAL may, if it chooses, declare the immediate payment of any amount for which he had made ​​a payment term, suspend performance or declare the resolution of any existing contract, and of right without notice or notification. In all cases, the amounts previously paid by the Customer shall remain the property MASSILIA DENTAL as damages. DENTAL MASSILIA will ask the customer to pay all costs of collection. 
8) Retention of Ownership. 
              The transfer of ownership of the Materials, Products, Furniture is suspended and full payment of all sums payable by the Client. The Client shall take all necessary measures for the conservation of materials, products, furniture before transfer of ownership. Customer shall immediately notify MASSILIA DENTAL any entry or claim of a third party relating to the Materials. The Customer authorizes DENTAL MASSILIA to take all steps to resume the Materials Furniture Products not paid in full. 
9) Warranty 
              Unless otherwise agreed, the Products are warranted for a period of one year after installation. Are not guaranteed including rotating elements, bulbs, fuses, glazes and coatings materials, Products, Furniture. The warranty applies only to manufacturing defects or failures resulting from normal use. It is limited to repair or replacement at the option of MASSILIA DENTAL, the defective part, excluding in particular the payment of any compensation or any costs for any damage. Transportation costs are the responsibility of the customer unless expressly agreed to MASSILIA DENTAL except in the case of defect. Agreement on MASSILIA DENTAL, a replacement can be shipped to the customer that will ensure its replacement on its expertise and advice on implementation of the repair MASSILIA DENTAL or an authorized technician. 
To qualify for the guarantee, the Customer must notify MASSILIA DENTAL of the failure, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, within 48 hours after the appearance of the defect in describing as precisely as possible the nature of the failure. 
As business professionals being exchanged between any accepted order is considered final. 
In the case of return or exchange product with MASSILIA DENTAL agreement, they should not have been tampered with and must be returned in perfect condition in their original packaging; return costs are the responsibility of the Customer. Until the effective return of products in warehouses MASSILIA DENTAL, they remain the responsibility and risk of the Client. 
Hazardous Materials: to comply with the ADR legislation (Transportation of Dangerous road materials), returns of hazardous materials identified as such must strictly follow the procedure of shipping by MASSILIA DENTAL. The quality and packaging protection during return is the responsibility of the customer. 
When returning abusive, MASSILIA DENTAL may require the Customer to pay a sum equal to 10% of the price of the products ordered returned to as damages. 
  10) Responsibility. 
             In all cases, the responsibility for MASSILIA DENTAL is limited to the price of the Materials, Products and Furniture which is directly related damage and does not cover incidental or consequential damages and loss of farms. 
             The Client is solely responsible for the choice of materials, products and furniture and their adaptations to their needs. Customer, as a professional, must verify the conditions of use of materials and products (including precautions, cons indications, warnings, expiration date, certificate and CE marking) 
             MASSILIA DENTAL shall not be liable for any damage outside its control in the case of an incorrect use of materials or products or in the case of non-compliance of a manufacturing protocol complies with manufacturer data. 
  11) Cancellation 
             Pursuant to the Act of June 13, 2014, consumers have made ​​a purchase on the Internet has a right of withdrawal for 14 days. This right applies from the date of receipt by the customer. In case of partial shipment, the period begins upon receipt of the final article This right must be notified by e-mail, fax, mail or telephone to Massilia Dental Av 22 Fighters of the AFN 13700 Marignane; in the case of a waiver by phone, the customer has notified his right of withdrawal in writing. This right does not apply to mixable products, services, products low validity date, equipment and furniture. Products must be returned in their original packaging without serving. Return costs are the responsibility of the customer; The client must ensure it is sent, in case of disputes with the carrier on non-delivery, loss or damage to packages, only the customer is responsible and will not require any compensation or reimbursement from Massilia Dental. The cleint must return the goods or within 14 days maximum. Dental reimbursement by Massilia a return consistent with these take place 14 days after receipt of all returned products. All returns must be accompanied by a number of agreement defined by Massilia Dental. 
12) Applicable Law, Jurisdiction and Choice of domicile 
                 Only the French law is applicable. Any dispute will be under the sole jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Marseille even if interlocutory appeal or multiple defendants. MASSILIA DENTAL gives his address of its registered office at: 22 Av Fighters AFN 13700 Marignane a non-application of one of the clauses of this text by MASSILIA DENTAL can prevail deprecate others do clauses.Massilia Dental will bear no return for all returned products with damaged packaging. The acceptance of these terms and conditions imply acceptance firm and final for all orders of materials or furniture.