Model Préparation

Model Préparation





Use decanter to avoid clogging your pipes with plaster. Decanting tank for laboratory sink. The bin to collect heavy residues. ASA dental articulators or Mestra articulators. Base molds, Renfert die-spacer, Renfert glue, plaster bowls and spatulas.




decanter  insulating,die-spacer,  false-gum,gingifast,gi-mask,

disinfectant,gloves,hygiène,  Glue-renfert,1733.2000,1733.0100,  articulator-dental,

base-former,zeiser,autospin,giroform,  bowl-plaster,solvent,knife-and-plaster,  plaster-accessories,work-tray,








last  e  r, dental plaster,