Pressure Polymerizer - Photopolymérisateur

Pressure Polymerizer - Photopolymérisateur

Pressure Polymerizer - Photopolymérisateur





Photopolymerizer - Polymerizer.
For a perfect light-curing, discover the photo tunnels for photo plates or the cookers for composite. Dreve's Polymax polymerizer for perfect baking of resins, polymerizer washer for mittens!





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Curing Light Led

Product no.: 100037

Mestra light-curing lamp. Incredible technique, simple but effective. We tested the composites and it works!

£443.75 *

Curing light Mestra

Product no.: 100035

Mestra curing light tunnel. Room with 4 bulbs of 9watts, 400 to 550 Nm. For PEI plates, varnish, die spacer.

£347.35 *

Light-curing lamp

Product no.: H000301

Economic light-curing tunnel. For PEI, die spacer, varnish. With 4 lamps and timer. Not suitable for composites!

£139.75 *

Kiero LPC polymerizing lamp

Product no.: H92239

Light-curing machine for universal use. It has 2 light sources (LED and halogen) that allow a fast, safe and deep polymerization.

£1,458.10 *

Sun Beam Curing Light - Mestra

Product no.: 080550

Sun Beam Curing Light. Made entirely of stainless steel, turntable, 6 lamps, wave range from 280 to 550 Nm!

£1,263.40 *

UV device for Labolight GC

Product no.: H92240

GC light curing device. 2 uses, the open lamp allows to solidify the assembly, closed for the final cooking!

£2,851.80 *

Led polymerization lamp

Product no.: 100320

Cordless light-curing lamp. Ideal for mounting in layers of composites. Very powerful beam for thick layers!

£258.25 *

Automatic Polymerizing Kettle

Product no.: 030425

Electric casserole for quick cooking of resin under pressure. Very practical for having hot water at constant temperature.

£1,248.20 *

Pneumatic Polumerizing Pot - Mestra

Product no.: 030420

Complete pressure cooker - Mestra. Ideal for rapid resin cooking or pressurizing cylinders !

£307.65 *

Polymax 1 Polymerizer - Drêve

Product no.: 3428

Polymax 1 Dreve polymerization. polymerization under temperature control. Automatic locking, 2 liter tank!

£2,138.40 *

Polymax 3 polymerizer - Dreve

Product no.: 3422

Polymax polymerizer 3. Polymerization of resins under temperature control. Timer, 6 liter tank!

£2,317.90 *

Polymax 5 Polymerizer Red - Dreve.

Product no.: 3423

Polymax 5 Dreve polymerizer. temperature 95 ° C. Large 6 liter tank. Timer, resins cooking control!

£2,317.90 *

Mini major 2000 polymerizer.

Product no.: H92655

Mini Major polymerizer. Stainless steel tank, cooking temperature in water up to 120 ° C! setting the cooking time.

£2,070.55 *

Mestra resin polymerizer.

Product no.: 080400

Mestra muffler polymerizer. Made entirely of stainless steel. Holds up to 9 resin baking mittens!

£1,807.65 *

Mestra polymer washer.

Product no.: 080060

Apparatus for washing or cooking mittens.

Automatically cooks and scalds mittens. Capacity up to 9 mittens.

£4,462.50 *

Kulzer Palamat Premium polymerizer.

Product no.: H92658

Premium Palamat Kulzer polymerizer. Firing of heat-polymerizable cast resins. New model. Programmable.

£2,584.85 *

Cabinet for Mestra polymer washer

Product no.: 080050

Support for mitt washing machine and polymerizer.

Perfect stability of the polymer washer.

£891.10 *

Lamp for Photo-polymerizer G23/71.

Product no.: 38053

Bulb for UV tunnel or light-curing device.

Blue light grade 71, preferably used with the G23 / 78 bulb.

£14.80 *

Lamp for Photo-polymerizer G23 / 78

Product no.: 38052

Bulb for UV tunnel or light-curing device.

Blue light grade 78, preferably used with the G23 / 71 bulb.

£14.80 *
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