Pre-Heating Furnace

Pre-Heating Furnace

Pre-Heating Furnace





Cylinder heating oven. Oven with stainless steel case and 4 sides heating muffle. Renfert smoke catalyst and sintering oven Mestra.





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Cylinder Heating Oven - Mestra

Product no.: 080142

Heating furnace with mestra cylinder.

New generation of existing models 180/250 hp. 18/8 stainless steel housing!

£2,290.20 *

Cylinder oven Mestra 50-D.

Product no.: 080130

Mestra heating oven with direct rise without stage. Possibility of connecting 1 catalyst, maximum temperature 1100 ° C!

£2,073.95 *

Furnace Magma

Product no.: 2300.0000

Furnace Magma is a preheating.

Furnace with all the technical features, which fulfill all the requirements in terms of programming !

£2,676.80 *

Smoke Catalyst for Heating Oven

Product no.: 080124

Mestra catalyst for heating furnace smoke.

Simple device that connects to the rear pipe of the smoke outlet.

£665.95 *

Smoke extractor - Mestra

Product no.: 080125

Smoke extractor - Mestra

Thanks to the installation of this device, a continuous sweeping of the combustion fumes is obtained. 

£257.20 *

Cylinder Desencireur - Mestra

Product no.: 080068

Mestra desencireur to remove the wax.

from the cylinders before heating. Designed to remove a large part of the wax before heating!

£533.95 *

Heating oven pyrometric rod - Mestra

Product no.: 080130.04

Mestra pyrometric.

Rod for Mestra heating oven. Thermocouple ceramic usable on all Mestra ovens!

£53.60 *

Oven to synthesize Zirconia Mestra.

Product no.: 080110

Oven to synthesize mestra zirconia.

Allows a temperature rise from 0 to 20 ° C / minute, high insulation, rapid heating.

£4,816.95 *

Ceramic Oven + Pump - Mestra

Product no.: 100247

Fully automatic ceramic oven.

Compatible with the firing of all ceramics on the market.Mestra ceramic oven with pump.

£4,343.75 *
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